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One of my teachers at Columbia was Joseph Brodsky, who’s a Russian poet, wonderful, amazing poet, who was exiled from the Soviet Union for being a poet. And he said look, he said, you Americans, you are so na├»ve. You think evil is going to come into your houses wearing big black boots. It doesn’t come like that. Look at the language. It begins in the language.
– Marie Howe, Poet

The Marketplace is Now Only Business and Technology

02-17-02015 – Front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Business & Tech section, nee Marketplace.
WJS Business and Tech 02-16-2015
Says the Journal:
“Every business is a technology business…Algorithms direct our doctors and instruct our farmers. They will increasingly guide nearly every function in the modern enterprise…[this] section will continue to be the place to go for the most comprehensive and best-informed coverage of the business world…Above all our goal is to serve you…”
(The Marketplace is consolidating into a style of exchange that must not only be monetized, but digital. This is not a free market.)
Section Lead Headlines:

“Apple Seeks Identity for Smartwatch”
(Our devices will suffer until they are humanized.)
“At UPS, the Algorithm Is the Driver”
(Didn’t we tell you?)
“You aren’t a Human, You’re a Data Point”
(I’m a data point and I’m here to help. Trust me, I am the truth.)